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Ornaments are not just for Christmas!  Commemorate any occasion with an ornament. Living Image Solutions has several shapes and materials to choose from. Metal ornaments come in a variety of shapes, and are 2-sided - we can use the same or different image on each side. Our beveled glass ornaments also come in several shapes and reflect the light beautifully thru the single-sided image. We even have a porcelain bone-shapped ornament that can be used anywhere you want to display your furry friend's name.  We have designed ornaments with photos of pets, babies, ultrasounds, family photos, and can even scan a wedding invitation for the perfect unique gift for the newlyweds!  And contact us for a truly special gift for First Commuion or Confirmation. 


    The pictures shown are just a sampling of products we have designed. Contact us with your specific request.

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